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The Author
Brian Haggard

My Dyslexia

Having the skill to write, spell, and punctuate has never been my strong suit. Growing up as a young child I was always nurtured to be creative and artistic which came naturally to me but I could never quite grasp written language. I now know that it's a learning disabilty with a name: DYSLEXIA.

I write from the heart and I make my best effort to get the words on the page properly but as you'll see I don't always succeed. I ask you to enjoy what I write and post but to be understanding and kind. Brian

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Button Button Whos Got the Button

Buttons are a great passion of mine if that is not clear bye now LOL

The images on this quilt were made of buttons on my computer.

These images were made bye placing the buttons face down on the scanner bed and arranging then with old scissors and needle cases.

I have had lots of questions about weather the buttons have been sewed on or how did I put them on I am happy to report they were hours of hand sewing to make this border.

Disclaimer: ( no buttons were hurt destroyed or altered in any way in the making of this quilt)
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The Men of my Family

Some times a quilt can be just a small piece that shows a few family pictures these are the men of my family.

I created this wall piece with pictures of my Great grandfathers and I even snuck in a picture of my Dad Rich Haggard in the 50's this is one of my favorite pictures of my dad.

He is the one in the upper right hand corner hands on hips and head tilted back. All the buttons on this quilt are work buttons or trouser buttons from uniform or work related. The fabrics were chosen for the male look as well. The black stitching was to keep in the masculine feel of the whole quilt.

Maybe you should make a piece to honor your father or grandfather to day.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Etta Mae Special Day

This quilt was a work of love for the lady that made a great difference in my life my Great grandma, she was truly the matriarch of our family and she was great to show me how to sew small finger puppets and how to bake and definitely clean house witch I have forgotten.LOL

The picture is of her graduation in 1915 from Connersville High school IN she would be holding her diploma in her left hand and as you can see I own the very diploma so i had to take it to a copy shop because it was to big to put on my scanner to reduce it and then i could copy it on to fabric.

The small motifs around the edges are just out of my head. I can it doodling with thread. hope you enjoy.
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

This is what they mean the view from the top

Alright does anyone else see fabric made out of this for your next quilt? The tree tops are so cool from the top side. I hope to make fabric out of the photos and make a wonderful in-flight quilt.
Note: the leaves are fresher at the top of the tree I do know this because our pilot got close enough to grab some. What joy for all of us two year olds in that balloon. LOL
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Shadow dreams

This is so cool. The balloon casts a shadow on the ground as you are in flight from the sun as you drift along. It's just a shadow dream.

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Four crazy Fools

Well here we are four Crazy Fools really glad to be on the ground and make a toast to another great adventure. Smiles all around.
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words of Wisdom

This was in the hanger back at the airport It sure makes more sense after the flight. LOL
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Two hotties inflating a Balloon

OK. Here are two men that really have no clue what they are doing Pat on the left and Kevin on the right.
Pat was nice enough to do this for Kevin's and my birthdays. THANKS Pat for a great time had by all. (Unforgettable) that is what this was.
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Bucket list birthday flight

Check this off the list. Yes, I'm just saying someone just turned 51 but don't let him know I told you.

This week for Kevin's birthday his brother Pat, our dear friend Colleen, and myself took a hot air balloon ride. You must add this to your bucket list if its not already on it. Great fun had by all. We arrived at the Bloomington, IN airport to meet with our pilot and to be picked up and to travel to the site to inflate the balloon. Oh--you get to help. Then you all get into the basket and the ground crew assist you off the ground slowly and as any young girl would do you SCREAM your fool head off. Just kidding. You really sit in the bottom of the basket and cry quietly to yourself because you are a grown ass man. Sorry I digress. LOL Really you just ask when the in-flight service starts because you need a drink. All kidding aside it is the most peaceful ride you will have when the burners are off, when they are on they make it so you can't hear for a bit. The pilot was able to sit it on the side of the hill in a persons front yard with no problems at all. You then one at a time get out and hold the basket on the ground and file out onto the ground and you, as any adult would do, get down and kiss the ground. LOL you look at all your friends and say CHECK I can now check that off my bucket list.
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