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The Author
Brian Haggard

My Dyslexia

Having the skill to write, spell, and punctuate has never been my strong suit. Growing up as a young child I was always nurtured to be creative and artistic which came naturally to me but I could never quite grasp written language. I now know that it's a learning disabilty with a name: DYSLEXIA.

I write from the heart and I make my best effort to get the words on the page properly but as you'll see I don't always succeed. I ask you to enjoy what I write and post but to be understanding and kind. Brian

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas is here.......

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy the view of our studio this holiday season.
This tree is one of my very favorites. It is all icy and antique and filled with many pieces that my family and I have made over the years.
Here is our little mouse that my Mom made. His name is Winkler and he is take the Polar Express bell to his home.

This is a favorite of the many ornaments that my brother gave me years ago. It's Santa riding a dove. 

 Here is one of the many trees that are out in full regalia: bronze, silver and brown.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Thanks for your visit and come back soon.

Love to you and yours this Christmas season

Brian and Kevin

Twas The Week before Christmas

 Twas the week before Christmas and all kinds of things afoot: present wrapping, candy making, friends meeting and the last minute things we all have to do to make it all seem so effortless in front of the people you host and the people you go to see. But you have to ask yourself, if we can put this much effort into making Christmas on this one day then why can't we do this all year long? What is wrong with us as a people? We make the effort to be the people we want to be at this holiday time but after the new year we go back to being the same lackadaisical people that we were before it began. If this for one moment has struck a chord in your mind then do as I am doing and give it a little effort to make this your solemn vow to greet people you see with a warm hello and a smile and thank people for what they bring to your life.

I received a text the other day thanking me for being a great friend out of the blue and it made me realize people are the one thing that make this life we live somthing worth holding on to.  They are the people that make getting up and greeting the day with a smile on our face and a happy thought in our heart.   This is dedicated to a dear friend, Jane Haganman, for opening my eyes and making me realize what it is that I have to be thankfiul for this holiday season and every day of the year. So DAMN it go out there and make someone's year.

Kisses from Brian and keep stitchin'.
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Uber Excited

 Where to start? I must share a highlight of the Houston trip with you. I have to maybe go back in time a bit to set the stage. As a young person I have always been aware of my thirst for learning and I was introduced to this wonderful lady by my very own mother, Debbie Haggard, very early on.

Her name is Judith Montano. Early on, I started using her books as a great teaching tool for the classes I taught at The Back Door quilt shop here in Greenwood, IN. I have always referred to her as the QUEEN OF EMBROIDERY.

Fast forward to Christmas of 2011. Christmas eve I got word from one of the people working on the design of my new book that she too has been a long time fan and she is the designer of Judith's books. How lucky am I to have the same designer as Judith? But wait it--gets better. I am so corny. I wrote to Judith and let her know on Christmas Eve night the she had made a difference in my life and so many others and that I am an UBER FAN. I told you it was corny. But she, being the gracious person she is, wrote me back the next day being Christmas made my life long dream come true. Since then, we speak on a regular basis. Fast forward to Houston Quilt Market we had spoken briefly bye email before the show saying we would try to meet. As luck would have it she came to my book signing and got in my ear and ask me if Kevin and I had plans for dinner. I very quickly replied, "for you I am open for dinner!" She said she would text us later with the plan. I felt like I had won the lottery! As she said the text was sent and we met for dinner. It was a wonderful evening of laughs, chatting and talking about the industry and life. She is so open and candid with her knowledge and how grateful I am to have met her. So Judith if you read this, and I hope you will, you made this Midwest boy's dream come true. Thanks for being you and thanks for all you have give'n of yourself to the industry that I now call my home. Your friend, Brian Haggard

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mrs. Haberdasher

This is a piece I created for Houston Quilt Market. It was in Windham Fabric's booth and featured in Schoolhouse. I've called it Mrs. Haberdasher
She's the lady in the middle of the quilt.  Her photo has been in my collection for a long time and now she has a place of honor. This quilt highlights an antique wool stocking, a great pair of glasses, pictures of great people past, handmade flowers with yo-yo centers made by my dear friend, Sally Frances, and a hanky.  I would be remiss if I did not mention the convenience panels from the fabric line so you don't even have to make your own squares to place in the quilt! 
I might also mention the shading on the middle border is BAM (Brian's Aging Mist.) It adds a nice touch, doesn't it? Chat soon friends. Until next time, keep stitching.  Brian
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Fabric Line

Hello friends! It's me just getting a chance to share my new line of fabric,
The Haberdasher Collection by Brian Haggard from Windham Fabrics.
We launched it at Houston Quilt Market and now it will be in quilt shops for you in February 2013. This is just one of the many pieces I made to show my vision of what can be made with it. If you get a chance, ask your local shop if they have it or if they will be getting it in.  I love the scissor sheath on this quilt. You will notice the three tintypes: mother father and son. I fell in love with these instent ancestors. Let me know what you think, I always love your feedback. Until next time, dear friends, keep stitching. Brian
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gift Wrap Seminar November 14, 2012


It is that time of year again where we get all our friends together and have a fun-filled night of laughs and show the latest in Christmas trims and gift wrap.

Bring a friend or two and have some laughs and go home with a new lease on christmas and a renewed sprit.

It's on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. 

At The Haberdasher Studio
2028 East Southport Road
Indianapolis IN 46227
at the back of The Southport Antique Mall.

Come early to enjoy shopping with friends at the mall. You'll go home with new treasures and new ideas for the holidays and year around.

We will serve cookies, coffee and hot cider.

Admission is $25 per person for an hour and a half show.  

Register now--seats go quickly.

You can sign up online at or call 317 881-8955.
Monday, October 8, 2012

Studio Treasure

 My word people have ask me to show some pictures of my studio and show the display. Well here you go a little cart full of letters. Just thought I would say. LOL keep up the good stitch en. Brian
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Pretty Buttons

Well hello good friend and thanks for all the new people who have become a part of my little world here. It has been a really Crazy time here in the studio as of late but what fun it has been. The fabric line the new book the new CD my head is spinning. Just wonted to share this picture for you to make into fabric just save it in your comp. and then you edit how ever you wish to print it then make fabric to put in one of your creations. All my best to you all and keep stitch en. 
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Quilt Show Airing

Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson
Hello all you great bloggers out there! Well do I have a great deal for you. You can view my episode of The Quilt Show for this week only. The great folks at The Quilt Show have given me a code so that all of my friends can see the show.

You can watch from September 16 to September 23 by clicking here.
Watch the episode for free. During this week you can also subscribe to The Quilt Show for a 20% discount by using coupon code 214225292650. Enjoy the show! I sure enjoyed taping it with Alex and Ricky.
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The Big Push

Well, it has begun! The fabric line is in and I am working so fast you can see sparks coming off my needle.
It is becoming everything I had hoped, the ideas are coming so quickly that I can't sleep at night. Here is a quick snapshot that Kevin took of me to show that I am not just being lazy. I am so crazy busy working on client work and also doing what I need to do to create new quilts to show my line.

The new book, Embroidered Memories, will be launched in Houston, Texas at Market.  There will be a book signing, teaching of new prouducts, and working with my publisher, C&T and my new fabric company, Windham Fabrics. We are going to be able to show it to the public for the very first time. To share with you how excited I am is really impossible. I am overwhelmed and so happy!  It is surreal seeing your own name on every yard.  It is like nothing I have ever experienced. Well friends, soon you will get to see it all. Thanks to all of you for your great comments about The Quilt Show.
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thanks to all for a great Birthday

Hello everyone and thanks for a wonderful birthday, Well as per normal, Kevin pulled all the wonderful people in my life together to share another year of growing old and marking the passing of time.

We started off the weekend with a great time at my aunt Dee's and uncle Jay's they hosted a pool party and in the true style of Indiana it was the storm of all storms. Thank god it waited until after we ate the wonderful food. Dee and Jay made my favorite pasta sauce and chicken on the grill. My mom brought some great salads too. And, we had some great company: my brother Shane and Shelly, his wife, my nephew Carson nephew, Mom (Debbie,) Dad (Rich,) cousin Becky, dear friends Chris and Al, Colleen and Paul and last, but not the least, Kevin and I. We were treated to not one but two of Kevin's famous, if not infamous, Italian Cream Cakes. He was afraid we were not going to have enough and he was right. With my family there is never enough cake.

On Sunday he invited my dear friends Sally and Tim. Sally came for the day and Tim came to visit later in the evening for dinner. My favorite meal was on menu: pepper steak with rice and hot and sour soup--man it was the best. And let's not forget the cake: white cake with lemon curd between the layers, lemon icing and candied lemon peel! 

Monday I went to get to work at the studio and Barb, Phyllis and Diane stopped by. They are great friends who I haven't seen forever. In true Kevin style, we had enough leftovers to feed them lunch and still have leftovers. Everything might have been even better on the second day We visited and laughed and told old stories and new ones got to get caught up.

Later on Monday, Kevin and I met with two of the dearest friends in the world--Jane and Alissa from the mall where my studio is. We went to a Mexican restaurant where we carried on and laughed and laughed. [Tell us about the BEES, Jane!] We ended the evening with at a fun yogurt shop.

I can't tell you all how special you made the celebration of my birthday and thank you all for being my friends. You ALL mean the world to me and I wont to take this opportunity to let that be heard. LOVE to you all in the coming year and beyond. Kiss Brian
Thursday, August 2, 2012


Well the powers that be have helped me get through another year. Who knew that another year would pass so quickly? Some new friends and, well, some old friends and I do mean old will be reuniting to tell stories and share hugs. My friends Colleen and Paul and Chris and Al are coming to be with all my family at Dee & Jay's. Can't wait to see them all again and have them here to support me in the passing of time. While I will enjoy the family and friends, let's not forget Kevin's Italian Cream Cake. It has me licking the air like a dog (not pretty.)

My aunt and uncle are hosting everyone at a pool party. Aunt Diana and Uncle Jay always throw a nice party and we know we're in for some great home cooking. A day with family and friends at their house will be great!

On Sunday there will be another event with Sally and Tim who are always great to have around to make a guy feel good.

Then, as an extra bonus, on Monday (my actual birthday) we will have a Mexican fest with my great friends Jane, Alissa and Austin. 

My biggest birthday wish is that Kevin be able to make enough cake to make all these people happy. Let me just say, not an easy task!   

 Oh, in honor of my birthday, I felt it was a "say something hat day!" I hope you like. I will let you all know soon what went down. Kisses all around.....
Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Gift of Family

Me, Mom and Dad
Well, where to start?   I am a very lucky person to have the family I have been given.   First and foremost the creativity that I have been given comes to me in a double dose from both parents. My Mom was always there to give me a nudge in the right direction when it came to my artistsic endeavors. If I went shopping with her and I said if we could get this and I could make that. She would try to help give me anything that would spark an interest in a new concept. From apple head dolls and sculpy clay to painting and sewing, she was always there. As for my dad, the idea of building and constructing was always fun.  We made some things in the wood shop and I have a few items we built that I will try to post for you here someday. We had great Christmases growing up.  One of the best was the year my dad went down to the store and got my big brother and I our very own Rubbermaid tote and filled it to top with art supplies from stapler, pens, pencils, paper, paint, canvas. . .you name it. . .one of my greatest memories!  So I have run on long enough but sometimes you just need to share the gift you have been given in life. As we know we none of have any idea how long we have on this earth and we need to thank the ones that we were given as a gift.  SO MOM AND DAD THANKS. It sometimes does not seem enough, but it's all I have to give aside from my gift to create. Its that one way I have to give back. Until next time good friends remember to share the gifts you have been given to the world and to others.
Best stitches, Brian
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Granddaughter's gift from grandma

Hello dear friends.  This is a piece that I made as a gift from a grandma to her granddaughter.
This is a piece for one of my dear friends in the Indianapolis Button Club. I received a call from my friend Betty who was looking for a very special gift for her granddaughter's birthday.  She had a wedding invitation, a set of wedding rings and a hand written note from the inside of the invitation from her grandparents wedding. Betty asked me if I could make something to put it all together so I went to work.  I made the tie for the rings to be able to come undone so her granddaughter would be able to take them of and wear them but she said that the pillow meant so much to her that she would never change it in any way. What a nice thing to say!  The small hand bag was a gift for Betty's friend make of the scraps.  Well friends, until we meet here again, I bid you good stitches. Brian

B.A.M. (Brian's Aging Mist)

Oh my gosh its finally here and it's doing what I had wanted all along. If you have a desire to make new things look old--here it is! I have created a dye based system to make an aged color and it stays fast unlike tea or coffee. The dye was created with a mist pump to make the aging more apparant  each time you add anouther layer.
If you desire to give just a slight hint of color you can do that or if you want a bold statement you can create that. It comes as two bottles: the dye B.A.M. and and the activator bottle. You put one part rubbing alcohol and two parts water in the activator bottle.  The alcohol will make the stain set in quicker and it also helps the hot iron make it work quicker. I have had a few people testing this with me and I am so please to see they are having great results. We are shipping to your door so if you have a need to create those one-of-a-kind aged pieces, let us know and we can get that in the mail to you today. Order it right here:  Until we see each other again, best stitches. Brian
Sunday, July 15, 2012

Think COOL

You know it was not that long ago we all were thinking we could use some heat. Well as Momma always said be careful what you wish for--you may just get it. Damn, if she wasn't right! As always!

I wished for some warm days and sun on my face.  Now I'm wishing for 100 grand in the bank, a trip to England, a cruise ship full of just my family and friends and a Mini Cooper with the Union Jack on top.  I'll keep you updated on where this wishing goes, LOL.   Until next time, keep stitching.  Brian

Threads of Timeless Memories Retreat

Well, the sample is ready!  We are ready for all of you to join in and make one right along with us.
Threads of Time, the fabulous quilt store in Danville IL is hosting us for a wonderful retreat on September 4th, 5th and 6th 2012 and I have created a piece that will be giving you a lot of new ideas to work into your crazy quilt world. Please join us for fun and friends, laughs and if you care, a glass of wine.  There will be lots of women and, heck, I may even sing a song.
If you have not sewn with a group a of people you might be wondering "will I fit in?"  I say you sure will--it will probably take you about 15 minutes to feel like old friends..
The Place is Threads of Time Creative Sewing and Retreat Center in Danville IL.  There will be people from all over and space is limited so do register as soon as possible to hold your place.

On Tuesday the 4th we will start with a trunk show in the evening and then on the 5th we will start our two day class by piecing and staining fabric and finish with about a day and a half of hand embroidery.

Your kit will include a personal photo fabric transfer, lace, hand-dyed bias tape and buttons.  You will be embroidering with pearl cotton and learning a lot of techniques.

Registration details and pricing are available on the Threads of Time website at Threads of Time Class

Hope to see you all there!  Until then this is Brian wishing you best stitches.
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Sunday, June 24, 2012

One Great Family

 This story starts out when I was 18 years old and I met this family in my first career as a floral designer. After many years of creating florals for them, it was a natural progression to start designing their homes when my career turned to interior design. At any given time through the many years, I have worked for the children, the parents and now I am so happy to say the grandparents on both sides of the family.

The current story starts with the sister of the original couple I have known for so many years. She is an amazing designer in her own right but, as you know, we all sometimes get tired of our own perspective so she asked for my help to update the look of her home. So we did just that by moving things around to create a fresh look.

While working with her to make the changes in her living room, I learned she and her brother were planning a big surprise party for her mother's 90th birthday. The grand affair was already in motion and the room and food were decided but they were looking for a special gift--something that their mother would never expect. I mentioned to her that a pillow made of her mother's pictures and hand embroidered would be a one-of-a-kind gift. She agreed, so we started looking for a picture for her pillow. She started laughing and said, "I don’t think I can pick one, I love these two over all the rest." She then said, "I guess we'll just need to make two" as she threw her head back in laughter. I left and started looking for things in my studio to create a design appropriate for 1922. I found buttons made from materials from the era and created the Tree of Life to signify her long life and the cobweb, an old tradition for health, peace and happiness. You can see these and many more items on her birthday pillows.

So friends, as you can see, I have run full circle in this family's life with my careers as floral designer, mural artist, interior designer, and now quilt artist. Can I just say how lucky I am to have met and remained good friends with this family over the many years who are so much more than clients to me? I wish a very special birthday to Bertha and a great big thank you to all of the family members who have let me become part of their lives.

A lovely lady and the start of
a beautiful family

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Rusting and Dyeing For Your Art

Brian, Jody and her watercolor

I was asked by our good friend, Jody, if I had seen the rusting of fabric, when I said that I hadn't, she said we have to get together and make rusted fabric.
Well friends, fast forward to a great day spent meeting new people and learning! WOW, where to start!? Jodie and the SOTA (Society of Textile Artisans) group invited my mom Debbie, Kevin and I to their working art day at Jody's home. We really had no Idea what to expect, I knew there was talent in the group but we were about to see was mind blowing. This group of ladies are the most fun ~WINK~. So open, so sharing--I really could go on and on. We learned how to rust fabric by putting steel wool wrapping fabric on bottles with copper wire, spraying with vinegar and watching it rust. OMG, you are going to love this fabric and what fun with a group of friends. (There will be some downtime during the process so you will need the recipe for frozen fuzzy navel drinks. It does make the time go faster!)

Show and tell got underway. It was inspiring to all us outsiders. These ladies have it going on! Everywhere you looked the talent was over the top. We learned about ice dyeing, water color, doll making, stitching and so many more things which I may not remember due to the frozen fuzzy navel drinks. What can you say when you go away from a group that you spent the day with and your heart is full and your mind is overrun with ideas? You feel you can't wait to take up where you left off with stories untold, laughs to be had, and the need to meet again.

Until then dear SOTAs, I can't wait to meet again! Brian

Kathy's Ice Dyed Scarf

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Threads of Time

Kevin, Bill, Missi, Brian
Hey you all! We have a special retreat coming your way at the Threads of Time Creative Sewing Retreat Center in Danville, IL. They will be hosting us to come teach a two day project quilt designed just for them. On September 4th 2012 there will be a trunk show in their main gathering room. On the 5th & 6thwe start a quilt designed just for this retreat.

We can't wait for you to meet Missi and her husband Bill.  I know you are going to fall in love with them!  They are the most enthusiastic couple you'll meet in the quilt world.  They are so willing to share and are interested in EVERYTHING quilt related.   I called them to decide if we might be a match, and the next thing you know we were on a road trip to meet them.   The minute you walk through the door of their shop, you feel as though you have known the whole staff forever.   We had a wonderful day getting to know the people who make the store and retreat center run so effortlessly even though we all know how much work it really is.   

I, for one,  can't wait to get started with the students.  This will prove to be a great event, no doubt!   So don’t forget to sign up at and we will see you all there. 
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Common Threads

We all have common threads that bind us. Last week I had the honor to meet and give a trunk show to the Common Threads Quilt Guild of Mt. Comfort, IN.

Lynn Hodge, the vice president, worked with me to be able to meet this wonderful group of ladies. They were no disappointment! Everyone seemed to have such a great desire to learn something new to add to their very wide range of stitching backgrounds. It was a great pleasure to share my work and to answer all of their great questions. 

Two of the women sharing show and tell brought pieces inspired directly from my book. It was so flattering to see such great work and to be given credit for inspiring them. It was a very proud moment for me.

I would sure be remiss to not mention the wonderful food that brought to their pot luck. Let me just say that these ladies rock in the food realm as well! The food was so good that I'm licking my lips as I write now. Thanks for a great day, Brian.

I'm back!

 Hello friends! I have missed you. I am having some technical problems with posting and after having a expert look at it, I am so glad to tell you for once it's not me. I have so much to post please stay tuned. Also check back often.

Here's a design for you to download, copy or trace onto your piece and embroider as you see fit. The rest of this design is featured in the Summer 2012 issue of Pat Winter's great Crazy Quilt Gatherings magazine.
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