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The Author
Brian Haggard

My Dyslexia

Having the skill to write, spell, and punctuate has never been my strong suit. Growing up as a young child I was always nurtured to be creative and artistic which came naturally to me but I could never quite grasp written language. I now know that it's a learning disabilty with a name: DYSLEXIA.

I write from the heart and I make my best effort to get the words on the page properly but as you'll see I don't always succeed. I ask you to enjoy what I write and post but to be understanding and kind. Brian

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hey everybody, I'm back

It's been very exiting in the workshop lately. I've been abuzz with new ideas and, of course, the never ending insomnia. So here are a few of the new things that I've come up with for my new Etsy store. I've been having a lot of fun trying some new things and reviving some of the old. Hope you like it, it's been a lot of late nights.
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