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The Author
Brian Haggard

My Dyslexia

Having the skill to write, spell, and punctuate has never been my strong suit. Growing up as a young child I was always nurtured to be creative and artistic which came naturally to me but I could never quite grasp written language. I now know that it's a learning disabilty with a name: DYSLEXIA.

I write from the heart and I make my best effort to get the words on the page properly but as you'll see I don't always succeed. I ask you to enjoy what I write and post but to be understanding and kind. Brian

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Giving New Life


Hello Good Friends!

I just wanted to share a little gift that I received for Christmas from Mr. Kevin.  As always, he is so good to listen when I say that something would be cool to have or that I would love to learn something.  Fast forward to last Christmas when I was given the gift of upholstery classes.  

I set out to find a chair and I looked all over the Southport Antique Mall where my studio is located.  My search was fruitless so let the power shopping event start! We looked the city over and I could not find the chair that I wanted to work on.

When we returned one afternoon I called one of the dealers at the mall and asked if, by chance, he had any chairs he didn't have on display.  He was sorry but everything he had was already out.  We decided to take one last stroll through the mall and when I got to my friend's booth (the guy I just called)--there was the chair of my dreams!  I called him to ask why he didn't mention it earlier  but he thought we'd already seen it.   Anyway, despite the confusion I found the chair I wanted. 


I enjoyed a great 6 week class at ModHomeEc.  Shelly Leer, the owner/instructor at ModHomeEc was amused by my custom gift certificate for the class and included it in one of her blog posts:  Shelly's Post.  Shelly has a fun studio and is a great instructor!  I learned lots.  I've dabbled in re-upholstery for many years but I have to say knowing the tips and tricks and having access to the RIGHT tools (evidently, a butter knife isn't the all-purpose device I thought it was) makes all the difference.  If you're looking to learn about upholstery, check out ModHomeEc--Shelly will lead you down the right path. 

You can see the end result here (I'm sure you're shocked by the color selections) which will take a place of honor in my new living room.

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A dear friend and how proud of her I am.

Hello good friends.  I am very happy to say that all is going well and I can't be happier.

I want to share a story about a good friend of mine. When I was in the early stages of deciding whether I should pursue being a quilter, and if I had what it takes, I made a pilgrimage to my good friend Janet Brandt. I was so nervous to show her my babies. As you know, no one wants to be told that his babies are ugly and put them out there in the world for total judgment.

Much to my dismay, Janet said what are you waiting for?  I said I didn't know if I have enough material to write a whole book? She very kindly said that I had enough content to write twelve books and to travel and teach.  As artists I do think we always  have a way of  thinking maybe we aren't good enough. She gave me the confidence to make that dream for me come true and for that I want to say to all of you--follow your dreams!  As for my dear friend, thank you for lifting me up in life.  You mean the world to me and I value your thoughts and opinions.

I am now going to return the favor with this link to my friend's world.  I call it a world because it is not just a blog. It is Janet through and through. Janet has created a wonderful world for all of us to live in and I want you all to go to her site and share one of the world's gifts that I have received. You can take the journey by going through the archives on her blog at

Thanks for tuning in and seeing a little insight on how I am who I am.
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