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Friday, May 30, 2014

~~~Downton Abbey,Indy Style~~~


Hello All,

Recently, the kind ladies at  Back Door Quilts gave us all an opportunity to experience a bit of the Downton Abbey magic. They hosted a lovely tea that  Lady Grantham would have been proud to attend. 


They also invited us to step back in time and come dressed in vintage styles popular at the turn of the century and worn by  the characters of the PBS hit series, Downton Abbey.  

My Assistant, Jody-my Mom,Debbie-
and good friend, Cathy

I was very honored to be asked to speak during the tea.  I have known Linda and Teri, the owners of the Back
Kevin and me with our lovely hostesses,
 Linda and Teri
Door, since I was eleven. We 
won't discuss how many years that has been. Let’s just say, a lot! They have always been so supportive and  they gave me one of my first teaching jobs at the tender age of sixteen. 

I presented a crazy quilt block that I made using the new
Downton Abbey fabrics. They have become so popular! 
The crazy quilt inspired by the Downton Abbey fabrics

I wanted to reflect a vintage feel while making this piece. My choices of stitches,trims and buttons 
emphasized that style. If you want to see more of the Downton Abbey inspired  fabrics ,the full line is available at the Back Door . 

I also shared some information about the customs and habits in vogue during this period. The gentlemen and
Kevin and me
Looking every bit the
English gentlemen
gentlewomen had such elegance and grace.  Their homes and lifestyle were on such a grand scale, I find it fascinating.  

Most of the attendees got into the spirit of the day and
dressed in vintage costumes from various Downton Abbey time periods. Everyone looked fabulous and some even pulled
true antique pieces out of grandma's cedar chest, to complete their looks. 

Doesn't everyone look fantastic?!

Robin Brown
Looking stylish in
her vintage hat.  

It was enjoyable wandering through times gone by for just a little while, and bringing a little of the Downton Abbey elegance to Indy.

Debbie, Jody, Me,
 Kevin and Cathy

Much thanks to Linda and Teri for providing such a charming backdrop!

Right now, I am hard at work preparing for my trip to Ireland. For those of you joining me on this journey, see you very soon. Not to worry if you aren't making the trip though, I will be posting tale of our adventures upon my return.

Tata for now!


Mosaic Magpie said...

What a great event, so fun when every one gets in the spirit of things and dresses up. Love the feather stitching on your Downton Abbey block.

Marci said...

LOVE the feather stitch border on your block. I plan to steal that idea.

Dishwasher Installation Utah said...

Great post, thanks.

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